Christian Hernandez defending an aggressive Lance Dixon at WCK Cali 19: Bring The Heat | Feb. 2017

My sincerest apologies fight fans for being late with this months installment of the podcast; hence this month’s title: NO EXCUSES!

Episode Part One

Duration 1:08:04

In the first half of the podcast I speak with amateur muay thai fighter Lance Dixon about his journey to an impressive 14-0 record and his ambitions of going pro.  I had my first opportunity to witness Lance in the ring this past February at WCK’s CALI 19: Bring The Heat; and I captured some incredible images from that fight that you are free to enjoy and share at will.  Lance Dixon is a muay thai fighter with an unblemished record of 14 wins and zero losses and currently holds three amateur titles in the welterweight division.  Lance lives in Venice, California and trains and fights out of Robot Fight & Fitness under coach David Huerta.

Between the time I interviewed Lance and released this podcast episode I was finally able to meet and spar with Lance.  I got my bell rung of course but enjoyed every minute of it.

Episode Part Two

In the second half of the podcast I go deep with muay thai trainer, fitness coach, gym owner and fight promoter Jamie Bradley of KruFit and Midwest Muay Thai.  I first saw Jamie Bradley cornering Yeison “Yayyoo” Berdugo at Lion Fight 24 last year.  I thought it unique to see a woman cornering a fighter at that level so I tracked her down to get her story; and she has an interesting story to say the least. Jamie Bradley is a muay thai instructor, gym owner and fight promoter located in Indianapolis, Indiana.  She manages multiple fight brands including  Midwest Muay Thai,  Midwest Striking Series, Sparta Triumph Muay Thai and trains both amateur and professional fighters.

Muay Thai news, recommendations and other notable mentions in this podcast episode include:

Muay Thai’s recent recognition as a provisional Olympic sport and our first olympic muay thai team.  Visit the USMF website, facebook page and follow the USMF on Instagram for more.  Also, here’s an informative article from the NY Times on the topic as well.  Natalie Morgan won her first fight in the Muay Thai Angels Tournament in Bangkok with a highlight reel reverse elbow.  Follow the tournament here and check out VICE’s write up on the tournament on their FIGHTLAND blog.  Lion Fight 36 airs live on AXS TV and I’m stoked to see Paul “The Reaper” Benasiak in a full fight…finally!!! Here are all the links for the April 29 fights mentioned in this podcast episode. WCK Full Rules Muay Thai presents: Cali 20: Beast Mode | CXF 7: Locked and Loaded | Farang Fight League & Midwest Muay Thai presents: Full Rules Muay Thai at the SportZone (Indianapolis, IN). Kru Phil Nurse and Saechnai at The Wat (NYC) | The Hurt Business (MMA Documentary) | Yakkao Boxing Tour | Sergio Wielzen | Lerdsila | Eddie Abasolo | PJ Sweda | Brett Hlavacek | Selina Flores | Ariana Gomez | Caleb Cisneros | Evan Boulton | Lorenzo Orozco Jr | April Vergara | Jeannie Nguyen | Terrion Ware | Jared Papazian | Chase Gibson | Mike Jasper | Robot Fight & Fitness | Team Victory Muay Thai | The Thai Boxing Institute | Muay Thai America Gym | Sparta Triumph Muay Thai

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