Why Choose 301 Muay Thai if You’re Going to Thailand ?

Muay Thai isn’t for the weak of mind – it is a hard sparring sport that demands total dedication and conditioning. It it for this reason that people who are serious about the sport, think very carefully about which gym or training venue to choose. Even seasoned martial artists think long and hard about where to train. They know that its not just the body which is going to take lots of hard knocks, they want a place that will harden them mentally too. Maybe it won’t even be the endless squat thrusts and push-ups that reduce you to a trembling wreck but the hard, unrelenting mental stamina of the other participants and trainers. , sit-ups, squat thrusts, and various other body weight exercises designed to leave you a trembling wreck.

Muay Thai is a combat sport which makes use of 8 contract points

Hands, feet, knees and elbows. It is quickly becoming an international sport and is popular with men and women. It offers so many mental and physical benefits – participants become strong mentally and physically, they become more confident because they lose weight, they look and feel good and they can defend themselves. Research will reveal to you that there a plenty of useful information on the Internet as to how to learn Muay Thai at home, but most people like to start at a gym or training centre. This way they get to learn the different techniques and styles the right way and how to go about doing a proper warm-up and stretch session before commencing.

Choose your Training Venue with Great Care

A decent school or instructor is always listed with reputable national associations – and 301 muay thai camp is one of Thailand’s first choice to learn the sport for so many excellent reasons. You are thoroughly prepared for a fight, you lose weight and become lean and mean and you simply become inspired by the superb setting and the excellent learning environment. The accommodation is attractive and minimalist with hot showers and healthy meals adapted for training. When you’re not training, there is free time – you can relax and watch a movie, go for a swim in the pool or simply cool off in the gardens. There is also 24 hour free Internet wifi.

You and your Trainers work Naturally Well Together

Training at 301 Muay Thai camp is an event that takes place twice a day and training classes are from Monday to Saturday. The success at 301 Muay Thai is that you are matched well to your trainer. Nothing can be achieved if you feel at odds with your trainers. When things work naturally well together, you’re inspired to achieve, to be focused and to get in shape. Together, you and your trainer form a duo that will work together towards spectacular results. You and your trainer become the best team to take your training day to new levels. There is a well equipped fitness area which allows for different workouts, ensuring that both the body and the mind can be trained.

A typical training day at 301 Muay Thai includes

• a run along the beach
• shadow boxing and bag work
• learning Muay Thai techniques
• lots of stretching and swimming
• running, rope jump and pad work
• strength training and work outs

Therapeutic Peace to Reflect

Why people choose 301 Muay is that there is more to just training for strength and defense. This magnificent training facility is also beautifully located in Sam Roi Yot “300 peaks”, which is a 3 hour drive from Bangkok. It is wonderfully quiet and this in itself is therapeutic, allowing for plenty of time for meditation and reflection. It is well place near the marine national park in Prachuap Khiri Khan Province, allowing for other activities such as boat trips, golf, fishing as well as other outdoor activities. The entire set-up at 301 makes many participants want to substitute bad habits with good ones. Instead of boozing and smoking, they find themselves wanting to dedicate themselves to the health and strength of the body and what they put into their body as well. With an excellent diet and an exercise program, men and women start to look better every day. They realize that the key to success with Muay Thai is to also to find peace and repair the mind. They get to the root of their fears and insecurities, and in a good routine, they find balance.

We Are Female-Friendly

Consistent, dependable and dedicated, the Muay Thai trainers at 301 Muay Thai have it in them to change things and make it possible for women to participate with ease in an amicable environment. They know too well that women have to be taken seriously now in the 21st century, and that no sport is  restricted to men only.

A Champion Recipe of Success

For a while now, 301 Muay Thai has been dispensing an irresistible blend of excellent services and atmosphere. Its the kind of place where people come to develop a sport even further but where they uncover a whole lot more. People come from far and wide to learn the sport in these pleasant surroundings, and whenever one of them feels a bit homesick, they look around at the warm family here at 301 Muay Thai and suddenly they simply feel at home again.


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