I have the pleasure of introducing you to Dr. Jason Park on this episode of the podcast. There are absolutely no words to justify his level of practical combat experience, education and training as a Physical Therapist and Board-certified Sports Clinical Specialist.

Duration 56:55

“Muay Thai has led me to meet people of all creeds, races, nationalities, ages, genders and it is amazing”, he says. “It transfers past all those other barriers. You can not speak a word of the same language but you can still learn from each other.”

Dr. Jason Park says, “One of my big goals is to spread striking and Muay Thai in particular as the thesis of martial arts.” He is a physical therapist, Board-certified Sports Clinical Specialist, Sports Performance consultant and Muay Thai coach.

I honestly hope that there is a Dr. Jason Park facility one day because Jason is truly a multi-talented human. He works with clients on strength and conditioning for fighters, rehabbing injuries, and physical therapy all over the country, and (as you’ll hear on today’s show) he is a Muay Thai expert.

Jason grew up doing Muay Thai in LA, and then he spent 6 years fighting and a year training in Thailand. One of my favorite parts about him is that he knows a TON about the body from a scientific perspective, AND he has an incredible amount of Muay Thai training experience. I think this makes his ideas and advice extremely valuable. Sawasdee krap.

Dr. Jason Park is a physical therapist, Board-certified Sports Clinical Specialist, Muay Thai, Sports Performance and Strength and Conditioning coach.

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