Welcome to the first podcast of 2018 with a truly rare opportunity to hear from a true veteran of Muay Thai and kickboxing from beyond our borders here in the good ‘ole US of A!

Duration: 32 Minutes

I’m excited beyond words to start the new year with this podcast episode as my guest today was actually the inspiration for the very first Teep This Podcast episode ever! Yes, Sergio Wielzen is one of my favorite Muay Thai fighters (my goodness…who’s NOT one of my favorite Muay Thai fighters???) and it was an image of Sergio delivering a teep to the face of Arthur Meyer at Lion Fight 30 that spawned the first episode with my first guest, Charlie Clark, the photographer who shot that image pictured here below.

Sergio ‘Kleintje’ Wielzen (born November 1, 1987 in Suriname) lives in Amsterdam and fights out of Sityodtong Muay Thai.

Arthur Meyer defends the teep from current Lion Fight Lightweight Champion Sergio Wielzen (The Netherlands) | photo © Tengu Photography

America is a really big place!  We’ve got lots of space, lots of people and lots of everything and that includes sports!  Lots of sports to watch and keep up with, which can be difficult in a bustling society like ours (please don’t get me started…).  When you fall in love with a sport like Muay Thai and the rest of the country is talking about football and basketball, you have to go digging to find your #8Limbs fix.  But this is where television comes in and Lion Fight Promotions.  Without promoters like Dennis Warner’s WCK Full Rules Muay Thai and Lion Fight Promotions I would surely have a much thinner list of favorite Muay Thai fighters.  It was AXS.TV broadcasting Lion Fight Muay Thai contests straight into my living room that put superstars like Sergio Wielzen on my radar.

I was on the edge of my seat waiting to watch Sergio defend his Lion Fight Lightweight belt against “Mr. Lightning” Lerdsila (Thailand) and to my dismay…no Sergio Wielzen!?!?

It wasn’t long before I finally addressed this mystery with the man himself and asked Sergio just what was the story behind his Lion Fight 36 no show.  Sergio breaks down the behind the scenes of that situation, while giving us privileged information that only someone in his position could share.  We talk about Lion Fight Promotions, some of his early fighting days on other European promotions and just how American Muay Thai might appear to those looking on outside of our borders here.  We talk training, gyms, coming back to the USA and about what the future may hold for Sergio and for Muay Thai in America.  Hopefully that title defense is still something to look forward to; but for my money, any excuse that gets Sergio Wielzen back in his boxing gloves and back on US soil to fight in them is a damn good excuse.

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