Teep This fighter, photographer and podcast host Charles Little II catches up with Dany Bill and Muay Thai trainer Shawn Yacoubian immediately following Dany’s training seminar at Yacoubian Muay Thai Academy in Chatworth, California.  This episode is also available in video format on Youtube.

Duration 48:46

Dany Bill is a 7-Time World Muay Thai champion from Muay Thai’s golden era and touted as possibly the most technically gifted fighter to ever compete in the sport of Muay Thai. 

He won the coveted Kings Cup in Thailand in it’s inaugural year of 1993, to the dismay of over one hundred thousand Thai locals who had no familiarity with the African-European fighter.  In this episode of the podcast Dany shares insights from his unique journey, locker-room stories and inside information behind his numerous victories against the best Muay Thai fighters across the globe during Muay Thai’s celebrated Golden Era.  Ramon Dekkers, Rob Kaman and Chatchai Paiseetong aka: Samart #2 are among the greats whom inhabit his storytelling.  Dany Bill is actively sharing his experience through Muay Thai training seminars, individual training sessions and consulting around the world.  You can find Dany Bill on Instagram @danybillofficial.

Dany Bill was born on April 28, 1973, in Cameroon, Africa.  Dany grew up with his mother and siblings in Paris, France.  His fight career spanned the years 1986-2012 (115 wins, 11 losses and 40 wins by K.O.) Dany currently lives in Paris and travels the world teaching Muay Thai & Kickboxing.

Its always an honor to be in the company of a living legend like Dany Bill and veteran fighters and trainers Shawn Yacoubian, Rick O’Kane and two of today’s masters of sport combat and athletic peformance Dr. Jason Park and Sunni Imhotep.

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