Welcome to the very first podcast episode of the new year!  2019 promises to be yet another pivotal year for Muay Thai in America and we’ve got plenty already in the can ready to share!  Jump into my conversation here with powerhouse fighter, personal trainer and proud Chamorro Iron Joe Gogo from San Diego, CA.

Duration: 1:13:43

Joe Gogo was born and raised on the small, beautiful island of Guam. He graduated from the University of Hawaii with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Kinesiology and Rehabilitative science. Joe was an athlete his whole life and grew up playing football, basketball, and rugby. Joe is currently a 4 time professional fighting champion with 3 titles in Muay Thai and 1 in MMA. Joe “The Iron Assassin” Gogo has traveled to Hawaii, Los Angeles, Mexico, China and Las Vegas for fights, as well as competed in San Diego. Joe uses fighting to inspire the uninspired and loves to pave the road for young athletes through being a positive role model. His goal as a fighter and trainer is to influence others to be the best version of themselves!  Joe is currently based out of Art of Eight Training and Fitness Center in San Diego, CA. (Aye-Ohh-Eight!!!)

In this episode Joe and I get way into the behind the scenes of some of his epic fights against top tier opponents including Travis Clay and Eric Luna. I learned all about what it is to be Chomorro and we explored just how different Muay Thai fighting is from other fight sports.  We talked about life, self-awareness, tradition and how knowing ones self and honoring that knowledge can order your steps toward living a fulfilled life.

Joe Gogo’s next fight is slated to take place in the fight capital of the world Las Vegas, Nevada; at Triumphant 6.  Get tickets and information here.