In this, the second podcast episode of 2018, I caught up with one of my long-time favorite American Nak Muays Travis Clay from Sitan Gym (Arizona).  I’ve been tracking this quiet killer since witnessing him defeat UFC veteran Jared Papazian at Lion Fight 27 back in January of 2016.

Duration: 52 Minutes

Travis sat down with me to chat about all things Muay Thai fresh from weighing-in for his contest the very following night (Friday, March 02) with Ognjen Topic for Friday Night Fights (New York)

…which is slated to be the first full rules muay thai fight in America to be streamed live over the internet.  It’s a glorious time for Muay Thai in the states and Travis and I discussed some of his past fights in particular detail.  Including his pro debut against UFC veteran Jared Papazian at Lion Fight 26; his stunning fight with Julio “The Don” Peña and his epic WBC title fight last year with Joe Gogo in San Diego for Dennis Warner’s WCK Full Rules Muay Thai promotion. Travis went deep into his muay thai technique, he let us inside his head before during and after the aforementioned fights as well as discussed the nuanced differences between “Muay Thai” and “Kickboxing” and where Muay Thai may seemingly be headed in the USA over the next few years.  Sit back and take in the interview and enjoy. I interviewed and cut this podcast from my office and Travis spoke to me from his hotel room in New York before turning in to rest up for his fight the very next day.  Thanks for tuning in to the podcast.

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