Congratulations to Defiant Muay Thai Promotions and all the fighters, trainers, supporters and fans who came out to the Sportsman’s Lodge this past Friday night. I’m still new to Muay Thai and new to this muay thai community, so I’m just getting acquainted with the people and places.  I made it a point to take note of the vibe and energy at the Defiant Muay Thai fights because I wanted to juxtapose those qualities against my previous visits to the Sportsman’s Lodge for MMA cagefighting events.  The vibe was different at a Muay Thai event than at an MMA event.  I mean, MMA draws a few more spectators than does Muay Thai, but the muay thai crowd felt family-like!  Respectful, smiling and there to cheer on the fighters!  It was cool as fuck to be there!

The night had a few celebs on hand as well so I heard.  One of the Guns-n-Roses band members and a Wayan Brother were said to have been in the house but I didn’t see.  I did however get to meet Natalie LadyKillface Morgan which was cool.  The great Kru Santi and Coach David Huey of Muay Thai America Gym where there cornering their fighter Roland Braud who snagged a W on the night.  Congrats Roland and MTAG! There was a bloody #Featherweight bout that was noteworthy and great technique and heart displayed by all of the fighters.

Salute to the sponsors and promoters as well for putting on the event. West Coast Muay Thai, Three Leapord Liniment (thanks for the sample!!!) and photographer Jeff Dojillo, thanks for your hospitality letting me share the space ringside with you!

I came to not only support the muay thai community and watch the fights; I was also there to support one of my A4fitness training partners Will “The Thrill” Barcena.  Willie’s fight was scheduled at number 16 of seventeen!  Yikes!  I mean, doors opened at 6pm.  That seems like a lot of fights for a single evening, but as I said, I’m new so I’m just watching and learning.  Unfortunately for Will tho, he never got to lace up his gloves as the event was cancelled prematurely due to a conflict with event paramedics.  No paramedics, no fights.  Willie, Coach Adam Lerner, Kieran Fitzz and myself had all been there since doors and it was midnight by the time the cancellation came down.  Shiiit…but you gotta roll with the punches.

I’m confident that my debut in the ring is eminent and ever approaching.  I’ll surely keep you posted.  Until then, enjoy the complete set of photos, train hard, live well, love much and laugh often.  Sawaddee.