You Can Get With This Or You Can Get With That – Podcast Episode 5

Will America adopt Muay Thai with a similar ferocity that it has MMA?

No Excuses – Podcast Episode 4

Undefeated amateur welterweight champion Lance Dixon talks about going pro and Midwest Muay Thai's Jamie Bradley on crossing lines with no apologies and no excuses.

Put Me In Coach – Podcast Episode 3

This month's podcast salutes the coaches, krus and gym owners without whom our Muay Thai journeys would be less the adventure.

The Magic Of Media – Podcast Episode 2

Muay Thai history and perspective with established and emerging Muay Thai photographers Jeff Dojillo and Erica De León.

WCK Ultimate Conquest

WCK Full Rules Muay Thai starts the year off in spectacular fashion with the most exciting title fight ever between Joe Gogo and Travis Clay; Two IAMTF Women's Title bouts and unforgettable finishes from veteran fighters David Pacheco and Landon Simmon.

Switching It Up – Podcast Episode 1

A conversation with Charlie Clark "The American Wolf" on adapting to the challenge in and out of the ring.

You don’t have to fight to train like a fighter

Don't let proximity, cost or fear stop you from experiencing authentic muay thai training. #TeamVictoryMuayThai

Visit 301 Muay Thai in Thailand

Our friends at 301 Muay Thai want to share Thailand with you; and then train you really fucking hard!

WCK Cali 16: Heavy Hitters 2

The best WCK fight night yet this year with 2 title bouts, 2 grudge matches and cameos from the brightest muay thai fighters in America.

A Defiant Muay Thai Community

Defiant Muay Thai Promotions' sold out fight night suffers an untimely cancellation.