Alex Von Have – Podcast Episode 12

From Hamburg, Germany to Los Angeles - Alex Von Have is no stranger to creating and following his own path without a single apology.

Richard “Maximus” Abraham – Podcast Episode 11

Life hasn't been easy on Richard Abraham; and yet he still coming for more.

The Immortal – Podcast Episode 10

Surinamese kickboxer and Muay Thai world champion Regian Eersel is known as "The Immortal" for good reason.

Iron Joe Gogo – Podcast Episode 9

Tracking one of North America's the most electrifying Muay Thai fighters as he continues his quest to be the best in his class.

Triumphant 3 – American Muay Thai On The Rise

UFC Fightpass has gotten behind Muay Thai and these American Nak Muays set out to put on a show to remember. Photo credit: Fabian Lagunas | West Coast Muay Thai

Travis Clay – Podcast Episode 8

WBC National Muay Thai Champion Travis Clay talks fighting different styles, strategy in the ring and whats so special about Muay Thai?

Sergio Wielzen – Podcast Episode 7

His nickname in Dutch is 'Kleintje' which translates as 'Little One' in English. But this multi-time world champion Muay Thai kickboxer is anything but.

WCK Cali 23: The Mega Show

An exciting night of full rules muay thai packed with stunning KOs, World Champion fighters and Muaythai royalty.

USA Against The World – Podcast Episode 6

Muay Thai is growing steadily in the USA and American Nak Muays are committed to leaving an indelible mark on the entire world of Muay Thai.

You Can Get With This Or You Can Get With That – Podcast Episode 5

Will America adopt Muay Thai with a similar ferocity that it has MMA?