dcsr tee

DRILL, CLINCH, SPAR, REPEAT.  It might have you a little tongue-twisted at first, but with a bit of practice this acronym will be rolling off your tongue like a smooth one-two.  Train hard, fight easy!

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The all new 2018 TEEP TEE was born of a simple desire to let the outside world in on one of Muay Thai’s most beloved weapons; the all powerful foot-jab or TEEP.  Now, whenever someone needs a little extra clarification, which invariably they will, you can simply point at your chest and keep it moving.

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fighter crewneck

Unlike anything anywhere else, the TEEP THIS FIGHTER CREWNECK is as unique as the individual wearing it.  Inspired by a desire to always be rep’n Muay Thai, at the gym, in the ring and on the street.  Available in bold White/Black or subtle Black/Black in limited quantities.

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