Welcome fighters and fight fans to another special collection of breathtaking images of authentic American Muay Thai.  No one does Muay Thai like WCK Muay Thai.  These images are organized in chronological order (more or less) and correspond to the schedule of the fights on Feb. 18, 2017.  If you’re a fighter, coach or fan looking for images of yourself, your team mates, friends or fighters feel free to share or download the images freely.  These images may not however be utilized in any commercial capacity without the express written consent of the copyright holder.  Images of fighters inside the ring are toward the top and images of coaches and fans outside the ring are toward the bottom.  There are however a few images of coaches within the body of images in an effort to keep the order of the night in tact.  Thank you for visiting my website, taking an interest in the photography and in muay thai.  Please visit and LIKE the Teep This Facebook page, Follow Teep This on Instagram and listen and subscribe to the Teep This Podcast.  You’ll feel so much better about your life once you’ve taken care of these necessities.  Live well, love much, laugh often and train hard!  Sawadee krap.

All images photographed by @CharlesLittle2 for TEEPTHIS.COM. © 2017, All rights reserved.

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